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Moving right along… I’m expected to have the series bible done by mid-summer—though I think my editor would prefer to have it in her hands now. Artwork begins for the web site (where the series will be sold from) in March, and I’m looking forward to working with Amelie Belcher again. Her style has matured, and it’s come a long way, since we worked together on the graphic novel Loud Snow. The cover for the first novel (which releases in five serial installments) has been done by Lynsley Brito (I worked with her on the graphic novel Games with Me) and I hope she can be procured for all the covers—because that would rock.

In home news, the boy had a get together last night which resulted in a slumber party of sorts. Five teen age boys in the house isn’t a big deal to me, as long as they stay in the boys room, eat and drink only the things bought for their get-together, and keep the noise down after midnight. My spouse, on the other hand, gets stressed out when there are kiddos in his house that he doesn’t know. His stress then stresses out our cat Lee, and so then I have to deal with a grumpy spouse. >_< It didn’t help that an extra boy arrived for the gaming strona, and was on my couch in the living room when I woke up this morning. Had to hear griping about this from spouse, of course—as I haven’t figured out that he’s disgruntled enough with the notion of too many people in the house. 0_0

Walking Dead doesn’t come back on until February (bummer), but many of the shows I like are back on. I’ve been enjoying Helix (a female cast on SyFy that isn’t presented entirely via male-gaze), and I’m digging Dracula (don’t ask me why). Grimm has been good this season, but I’m ready for the whole Hexenbeast pregnancy subplot to end. LOVE the BlackList! Sadly, James Spader is losing weight again, I was totally digging him as a chub—but his character on the show is brilliant.


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