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…and TV Saves My Soul.

So the first week of the year has been sort of shitty.

I discovered that a Russian IP address uploaded digital versions of all my graphic novels, back in October.  It certainly explained the weird sales slump for our Kindle/Nook titles in November & December, a quarter that tends to produce my best sales.  I informed multiple ‘download’ search engine hubs that copyrighted material was being uploaded to their search catalog, but only two have removed the links so far.  I managed to find the main download page after many click-through jumps, and it shows about 200+ downloads (verified as good by those that downloaded) for Loud Snow, Only Words, and Games with Me.  That’s roughly 600 plus copies downloaded; which is about $2,300 in lost revenue to the artists collecting money from these books.  People tend to justify that the books have been out for a few years and the artists/author have made their money from the publisher and sales already blah blah blah.  When it’s self-produced, money is made only after the book is released, not before.  You’re stealing, plain and simple.  These books have gone down in price the older they get, so they weren’t even expensive, compared to other BL digital titles out there; yet they were stolen anyway.  Some people suck.

I did manage to get away for my birthday last weekend–it wasn’t much to write home about, and it reminded me of how much I hate places like the Domain, in Austin.  >_<  Ikkicon was sort of a let-down.  I’d gone to scout potential talent for the serial I’m writing (my art budget for the site is $500 to $1k) so I was geared to find some great art.  Sadly, it was all anime inspired and not that good; even those that knocked it out of the park with fan art designs, just couldn’t display any form of art other than that style.  A few years ago, mangoodstuffy artists would have books on the table to show their range–to show what they could do, other than what was on sale.  =_=; Not one book that I could find.  Amelie stepped up to the plate and offered to work with me, but she can’t draw architectural or setting concepts–just characters.  I got drunk with her instead, so that was a lemon turned to lemonade.  I want to thank one of the vendors there for turning me on to honey-whiskey/Dr Pepper.  Good stuff.

Dialog started on the fourth Novel of the Femitokon series.  I’ve managed to rewrite the first three that were obliterated by my computer.  I’m at a cross-roads of sorts now.  Looking at what’s being advanced to me for the series, I can’t help wonder if I’d be better off just producing it myself.  Sure, I’d get a ton of lip-service as a Kindle-Serials author, and potential licensing opportunities going through 47 North, that I wouldn’t have producing on my own…but…I like being accountable to my own schedule, I like telling an artist that there’s no strange editor that’s going to fuck with their work; most of all, I like the idea of not having to answer to anyone but the editor assigned to make the prose palatable.  There’s a fine line between writing as a hobby, and writing to pay the bills.  My bills are paid…and I like writing as a hobby.  =_=;  The true this, I don’t like the person I become when I get a shot of success.  I become a raging asshole, and I just don’t think I’m ready for that, again.

I’ve been loving Dracula.  I know deep down that its crap, but I’m digging it anyway.  I feel that way about most things that star John Rhys-Meyers, but I can’t stop watching.  I eagerly await the return of AHS Coven, and noticed that CBS decided to put Persons of Interest up against Justified.  Sorry CBS, it’ll be Justified every time.  I want to catch the Helix series, but they put it up against Grimm and Dracula–Drac ends soon, so I’ll have to catch up with HelixThe Americans returns as well; looking forward to that–and yes, I’m going to give Killer Women a chance.  Mag has discovered Workaholicso_O  It can only go downhill from there.




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