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Totes McFriggen Gotes!

Say It, James!I’ve disconnected the internet from my laptop, and now engage in all forms of social media, exclusively on the tablet. It’s hard writing a series when you’re nagged away by Facebook or Tumblr, and then spend 30 minutes fucking off elsewhere.  I moved all series updates to my Gynocrat FB page, since the blog at Gynocrat Ink is for the promotion of titles already published and on sale.

I’m truly digging my new-found obscurity, which is something I’d thought I hate with every fiber of my being. To be out of the spotlight? Never! I like it though, and I’m getting shit done; first three of the five novels destroyed, have been rewritten. Working on novel four now. In case you care, I write the outline, then jump all over the place writing scene dialog. When I’m ready to sit down and actually write the story, I have the outline tacked up in front of me, and build the prose around the dialog that’s written. This method works for me, and it’s why an independent editor is required, upon completion of manuscript. Yep…I sucketh, therefore I ameth.

Retirement from the bank has been, therapeutic.

I’ve discovered, in my time at home, that my teens are massive assholes. They require taxi and restaurant service, leave no tip other than to Frankengrunt at us, and then we get the pleasure of being ignored or told we don’t understand anything.  I’m not asking for an essay telling me how grateful they are for my service—but an occasional conversation with me that doesn’t revolve around how much Texas sucks, how much other parents suck (I should take stock in this one), and how much school sucks, would be nice.



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