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It’s True: I Can’t Take 30 Degree Weather, Anymore.

There’s a moment when all us Yankees living down here in Texas, wake up on the first cold-snap, excited to finally get that chilly weather we’ve been waiting for—the weather that numbs the toes in mid-October; that sort of cold doesn’t happen in Texas until December or January, but this year it’s a little early.  We’re out there for about ten minutes before we realize…there’s a reason we moved to Texas.

As we admit to ourselves that we’ve become wimpy fair-weather Texans, we dart back into our homes; the same home we’ve designed to keep us cool during the seven-month summers.  Our wood floors (worse if you’re tile people, like me!) are freezing, the windows are crying like wet babies, and those walls meant to keep the cool in, aren’t keeping the cool out!

Damn you Texas for what you’ve done to me.

In my past, I’d made it through years of snowstorms in the Northeast, I even did some winter time at the Great Lakes Naval base in Waukeegan – It was the coldest two weeks of my life.  Could I do any of that now?  Hell no.   Texas has killed my ability to withstand the cold.

In other life-related news:

  • Finished NaNoWriMo last night – Novel 2 is complete.
  • Missed volunteering at Austin Comic Con due to a writing deadline on a paying project.
  • Was extremely annoyed that Grimm and Dracula were pre-empted by a doc on Kennedy Assassination.  Hey NBC, there’s a plethora of channels out there now that broadcast this stuff–let them do it!
  • American Horror Story is still the only show on TV with a dominant female cast. Loving It.
  • My last day working at the bank is December 13, a Friday.  >_>  Hmmm.

2 thoughts on “It’s True: I Can’t Take 30 Degree Weather, Anymore.”

  1. Hey, congrats on NaNo! 😀 You’re only one of two participants I know who’ve finished their novels way before the end of November. That’s nuts.

    Also… Northeast, huh? Which state? And don’t worry about being a wimpy Texan. I’m a wimpy Californian and get a lot of flack from friends from Colorado.

  2. NY and then PA/NJ; used to snow…USED being the word. Can’t hang anymore. 🙂

    Dude I never thought I’d do it, but sticking to that 1k goal a night, really worked.

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