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October Decisions

It is so early in the morning…


My son’s birthday is today—he turns 18.  Where did the time go?
PS – the image is from a toy sheet;

I’ve made a decision regarding my career with the bank, and my writing.

It’s been four years with sparse pockets of writing and editing my series; I know it’s a good series because I had a good offer on it–only to see six years worth of writing overwritten by a computer glitch.  >_<  I need to rewrite this series. I gave notice to the bank, and my last day is December 26 (I may change this to the 24th, because I didn’t realize I was off on the 25th). I’m choosing to work through November and December so that my co-workers can have their vacations through the end of the year, without worrying about the branch being understaffed.

The first novel in the series is with my editor, and in January I begin writing the second novel (though NaNoWriMo demands I start it next month!). I fully intend to rewrite every manuscript that was lost, which is why I need to give up the job at the bank. We’re not in debt (cars is the only thing we’re paying on) and we have no huge bills looming, and we have a healthy savings; I don’t “have to” work.

As for publishing, I’m not even thinking about taking on the financial burden at this time; I won’t be looking for an artist for this new series, until all the manuscripts are written.  All of them.

I’ll be closing out the end of the year volunteering at the DC Comics table at the Austin Comic Con (I get to be a slave for a day), and then attending Ikkicon as a con-goer and not a guest.  I’m so looking forward to that! I broke down and made a Gynocrat facebook page for those that want to follow up on what I’m writing, or what I’ve written.  It’s not much, because I haven’t really advertised it, so far its only friends from my personal page.  Yes, I SOOOO small time.

2014 is going to be a good year.  I can feel it.


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