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It’s Full of Stars…

The check is here.

It’s $12,024.00 and it’s the most I’ve got writing—the amount deadens the sting that the writing was stolen and not published under my name, but that ship has sailed, and the boat owner made good on their promise.

I’ve been putting out resumes all over Austin and Georgetown. So far I’ve had two interviews; one was a disaster because I told them up front I wanted no sales and no lead-generation, and yet that’s what they were looking for.  Complete waste of my time.  The second was great.  The office had an awesome vibe to it, the interview just felt like it went perfectly.  However, they were supposed to get back to me Friday afternoon, and I can only assume they chose someone else.  Boo.

I woke up Saturday with a crushing sinus headache.  I took some ibuprofen, but that never works on the aches and sinus pressure; I got home took some good stuff and I was fine within the hour.  Spouse and I went out later and hit the Olive Garden—I felt like such an American consumer.  Olive Garden, then Dunkin’ Donuts, and then McDonald’s for Mag and Ian.

I’ve been mulling dressing up for Ikkicon; this will be the first con that I’ve gone to purely as a ‘paying fan’, rather than a guest.  My outfit shouldn’t cost more than a couple hundred, then I thought about it—this is money that could be going toward completing Femitokon—so I won’t be dressing up.  I’m going to scout artists for this project, look at all the cool cosplay, and check out my favorite things from vendors.  It’s going to be great.

Got a big day ahead today—spouse is hot to remodel the kitchen, so we’ll be out scouting things.

Lucky me.

Also, I reiterate, I’m not a foodie, but… here’s some stuffed peppers and au gratin potatoes, cooked in the same roaster–OF COURSE!

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