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This Monsanto Thing

I’ve got close friends, celebufriends, and most important, some family, in my grill about Monsanto.  The evidence is creepy and if you saw their practices in a sci-fi film, you’d definitely wouldn’t be routing for them.

So in light of the Monsanto Protection Act (the wealthy lobby at its finest) here’s a list companies you might be interested in, if you care about this sort of thing:


There’s a lot of products in this list that are in my food closet.  😦


2 thoughts on “This Monsanto Thing”

  1. I don’t buy any of those (Procter and Gamble is permanently on my shit list to boot). I’d sooner pay an arm and a leg for more expensive stuff from the natural grocery store. My primary go-to place for groceries is Trader Joe’s, and while they run into issues once in a while, they’r still a lot more trustworthy than Procter and Gamble or any of the labels listed here.

  2. We have no Trader Joe’s in Austin, they plan on opening in 2014–something tells me they’d be too far away for me to make the drive. I’m very torn; there’s many things on that list I was raised with and so cutting them out may not be an option. If I refuse to cut them out, then I giving money to the issue at hand, and give up my right to complain about their practices. =_=;

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