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Knee-Jerky: When Someone or Something We Like, Offends Others

One of the things I’ve learned whilst running through the minefield of what’s right and wrong is that every time I’ve been caught showing my ass, it’s because I’ve reacted to someone’s reaction.  Someone wise once said to me, “You don’t get to tell ‘a minority’ or ‘minority group’, how they should be offended, or what they should be angered by”. They have the right to find fault with whatever they perceive as being hurtful to their culture, or their identity as human beings.  I don’t get to say, you need to chill out, or, you just don’t get it.

There’s been a lot of drama over Steven Colbert’s pantomime as a Conservative ‘Pub, and the lousy speak when it comes to trans-folk.

My first reaction was—wait, what? It’s his shtick, it’s what he does when he plays the ‘asshole, Steven Colbert’. Then I thought about it… It’s also Dice-Clay’s shtick to be a moronic, sexist, douche-bag—and I’m highly offended every time he takes a stage. Is he a douche in real life? I don’t know; but it’s part of his show and ‘I should just relax’.

I won’t be saying that again, to anyone.


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