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Walmart: We’ll Sell the Rape, So Long as it’s Straight

I recall three years ago when people complained because Walmart carried “yaoi” titles in their online stores–promoting the gay agenda (forget that yaoi is all about the female-gaze, not the male gays).  Walmart was quick to denounce that they would never sell ‘books of that nature’ in their brick and mortar outlets (still getting my head around that one).

Yesterday, while searching their movie section for a hard-to-find Blu-Ray (damn, we went everywhere!) I saw ‘I Spit on Your Grave’, the original uncut edition, sitting next to the remake of ‘I Spit on Your Grave’.  Each title was under $10.


So promoting any form homosexuality in their Brick-and-Mortar stores is offensive, but selling a rape-exploitation movies, is free commerce?  FWIW, appreciate ‘Spit’ for its whole revenge angle, but this isn’t a crit of that movie--my issue lies in that Walmart seems fine with selling items on the notion that ‘heterosexual rape’ is less morally repugnant then ‘gay romance’.

One is not the other, by a fucking long shot.  :/


5 thoughts on “Walmart: We’ll Sell the Rape, So Long as it’s Straight”

  1. I saw the Shades of Gray novels there, then looked around for the Sleeping Beauty trilogy. Someone must have already bought it. 😉 I’d be broke if they stocked yaoi.

  2. I’ve seen this sort of hypocrisy at certain grocery chains that carried ‘Gray’ as well. They refused to carry gay-romance novels from my distributor Ingram–but had no issue stocking ‘Gray’. Nice.

  3. If I’m the ninja, it was unintentional. I just didn’t see anything I needed to respond to in your comment. If I’m not . . . phew. No wrath of the goddess on me. You recover most of your writing you lost?

  4. Of course you’re not! You comment all the time–no, this person took issue with my thoughts on a movie, read my blog wrong and then sort of implied I didn’t watch the movie. When I responded that I did see the movie, and that she clearly misread my opinion of one films character, for another– she failed to respond.

    As for my work– nope. I rewrote novel 1, which is now with an editor; I need to get started on novel 2.

  5. Glad it wasn’t me. You know how paranoid people can get, even me. I knew you’d lost the novel, but remembered you were rewriting it. I guess that’s what I meant. Awesome that it’s with the editor. Novel 2. Wow. I’d be happy to finish a draft. I have a couple of ideas and loads of excuses and procrastination tactics. I’ll probably start writing on it shortly after I start my class this fall, as a means of procrastinating on the work for the class. 😉

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