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My Thoughts on Flashpoint Paradox

I liked it, immensely.

Cyborg’s character didn’t feel forced like it did in JL: Doom, he belonged here and you cared about him (just like Obama did!) and it killed me to see him suffer at the end.  Also, poor Kal-El, that was hard to watch; I liked him better in the comics, when he showed up and started kicking the shit out of Diana and Arthur—which leads me to my only real problem with the script: they completely voided the soft-polyamory between Diana, Arthur, and Mera, and turned Mera into the jealous murdering wife. 😦 Not cool. I realize that Wonder Woman and Aquaman’s back-story was so big, it needed its own graphic novel tie in (great book BTW), but a TON characterization was lost in trying to fit their story into the animation. Diana came off as a complete stereotype of the murderous bitch, and Arthur came off looking like a senseless douche—that’s not how they were in print. >_<  I just can’t understand how the writer got so much right when adapting Barry, Thomas, and Cyborg– but then dropped the ball so poorly on Diana, Arthur, and Mera.  :/

I understood the other omissions (Terra and her brother and all that was rather complicated–and as cool as Brit was, she had to go). That being said, this is Flash’s story and Barry Allen was so likable. It’s hard for me, because I’m a Wally West girl, but his story, along with Thomas Wayne’s, was poignant. To see Barry whooped on the way he was by Ponyboy Curtis—I MEAN PROF. ZOOM— it had me screaming at my TV.

 Thanks to watching this, I did add that starter Donna Troy concept to my Tumblr.


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