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Oh You Bad Girls, Here’s Some Necrotitis

So it seems with Eric Falardeau’s Thanatomorphose and Eric England’s Contracted, that it’s ok to punish our female leads, for having sex we find immoral or irresponsible.  They should show these films at a Pro-Life rally, some of those folks are all about punishing women for having sex, not exactly saving lives.

Thanatomorphose’s lead is in “a debasing sexual relationship” which leads to the plague and then mental breakdown from rotting inside out.

Contracted’s lead engages in an “unprotected one night stand with a stranger” to wit she begins suffering a plethora of ailments that most women hate, like severe vaginal hemorrhaging and varicose veins. Notice none of them get fat?  That’s just not sexy enough– their creators want them pus-leaking sore ridden, mentally ill, and suffering, but not fat.

The author of one article-review, Kier-La Janisse, pans the lack of well-written characters in these two films, but it’s the characterization that pisses me off.  Would I feel differently if women made the film?  Yes, I think the causes of the ‘rot’ in each film wouldn’t have been down the female lead engaging in sexual activity that most people deem ‘wrong’ or ‘unsafe’.

I have more respect for Lichtenstein’s Teeth, it plays on the fear men have of Ye Ole Vagina Dentata, but at the same time, empowers its female lead with something most women dream about… a inherent way of protecting our selves from rape (or in this films scenario–classless douche-bags).


2 thoughts on “Oh You Bad Girls, Here’s Some Necrotitis”

  1. Hello Gynocrat,

    It seems to me that “Thanatomorphose” is actually denouncing women being objectified… This girl, Laura, has an unfulfilling (to say the least), even abusive relationship with her boyfriend (not one from a “one night stand with a stranger” as you are stating), having brutal intercourse from which she gets no pleasure as she testifies herself in the movie.
    The rotting process that follows acts logically as a physical demonstration of her mental state, the one of a women clearly not empowered by her “immoral” and “irresponsible” sexuality, but rather being objectified by her male friends.

    The character being beautiful in my opinion just adds to the drama. Here’s a girl that clearly focuses on her looks and, when faced with her decaying body, is forced to reevaluate her values. This is actually the point in the movie where she finally reaches orgasm and finds herself empowered again. I am not a big fan of gore effects myself, but I had a blast watching this female character taking control of her life!

    I guess it’s weird how you can have a different interpretation of the same movie, or I if you don’t mind me saying, it got me wondered if you have seen the movie at all?

    Mary Jo

  2. I did see it, and yes– we have different interpretations. ^_^ I guess my own mental baggage aside, the idea of a female empowering herself via sex still feels hella like ‘male gaze’ to me, and so it put me off from the start. :/ Her entire rot experience felt like punishment–for the relationship itself? Maybe. 0_0 And no offense taken, I do tend to avoid commentating on anything, until I’ve seen it. ^_-

    Totally missed it – but Mary Jo, the one-night stand girl is in the film Contracted,…not the one you’re disagreeing with me on. She acquires her condition after a one-time encounter with a stranger.

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