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I’m Flawless, I think.

After all my hair pulling, tears, and anger, over losing my manuscript and series outlines, I got my shit together and managed to re-write the first novel (about five serial eps).  Second novel is coming along much slower because of my work-week (manager is on vacation so my hours are up there). I think what motivated me was getting paid for something that I didn’t expect and never saw coming.  Found money is the best money; it changed my attitude about getting off my mental ass and actually writing something.

I’ve been given the green light to head back to the gym, something I was desperate to do. >_< This weight isn’t going to lose itself, though I wish there was pill for that. 0_0 Last night I was working out and this girl got on the machine next to me, but then got off and left.  I didn’t think anything of it—after all, I’ve given up plenty of times—but I figured out why when I went to the machine and saw what I thought, was sweat.  I have my own white rag that I use to wipe down the machines when I’m finished, so I went to wipe down the seat…my bleach white rag was covered with dark red blood. >_<  I don’t know what bothered me most about it—the fact that I had to ditch my rag (not taking that shit home!) or the fact that I was so mortally wounded that I had to cut my work out short and just leave.  When did I become one of those women that’s weirded out by other women?

Work has been, blah.  I’ve been trying to engage my customers enough to get them to sit down ASAP—because call backs are sort of impossible for bankers these days.  Our Branch was doing great when they instituted a call-night for bankers—our bankers caught up on referral call-backs; but some genius in corporate got this idea to saddle the bankers with ‘theme calls’ and started issuing lists for the bankers to call—lists then end up for the most part, being pure shit and contributing nothing toward our branch goals.  The tellers are pissed because their referrals aren’t getting called back because bankers are spending their call nights on bullshit-lists, where three out five phone numbers are bad.  >_<  On top of that, my LT is being given all these assignments by regional that are interfering with her ability to get her own branch work done—and still make her referral numbers.  I’ve just learn to be like the penguins on Madagascar: just smile and wave, smile and wave.  My only issue has been ATM clearing; the last couple of clearings I’ve been doing–more or less–on my own, though it technically requires two people.  I’ve been suffering shortages because of it, so I finally put my foot down and insisted that the ATM clearing isn’t getting done until someone else actually counts it also (not watch me count it, or listen to me count it). =_=;

Someone shared this on my kiddos Facebook page, and the message was ‘I thought of you’.  I guess I rubbed off on Maggie is a good way?


If you drew this, let me know so I can credit!


3 thoughts on “I’m Flawless, I think.”

  1. I’m trying desperately not to think about the exercise machine incident, but it can’t be unthought. Damn you. Great news about your writing, though! Good luck with that!

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