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ABC’s of Death, I Stopped You at the Letter P

There was something about the short ‘Pressure’ that got to me.  Perhaps seeing the shit that my gender endures when not in a country like my own—and then realizing, to my chagrin, that shit does happen to women like that, in my country. :/

My New Desk

July 4th means a trip to Pier 1, and instead of just scoring a trinket or some dish I need,
I got myself a new desk—with a chair, all for under $400 smackers.
I’m impressed with myself, today anyway.

I’ve been re-thinking my career at the bank I work for. I’m truly disappointed that the conditions I set down for commuting into downtown Austin one day a week, as I did, are not being honored.  I made it clear that if the District Manager wished for me to continue going out of my way to commute downtown one day a week (a pain in the ass BTW in Austin because they don’t have midday rail service), then I wanted the LT position there, should their LT forfeit the job.  The girl came back was subsequently fired (not shocked, I spent a good portion of my Tuesdays fixing the crap she screwed up). I was told the position of LT was eliminated for that branch—only to be notified via company-wide email last week that interviews would be going on, to fill the position internally or externally.  0_0   that’s shitty, no matter how you slice it. I’d been offered a job by a credit-union some time ago, and when made aware that I’d be getting a raise, I turned down the job only to discover my raise was only 3%. =_=; Yeah, not too jazzed with work these days.

I had a plagiarism issue some time ago (only watchers at my diary knew vaguely about it); and thanks to the publisher having ethics, I’ve been compensated for what they published that was ‘heavily borrowed’ by an author they’ve since parted ways with.  It was money I didn’t see coming, and OMG it’s the most I’ve ever been paid by a comic’s publisher.  It’s enough to pay off some family debt, get us back to where we were before our investments tanked, and secure the new kitchen my spouse has been longing for.

Will try to take some pics of the fireworks tonight.


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