Burn Notice and Hannibal: OTP


I’m a complete Hannibal junkie (more of a Mads junkie); not into slashing the Doc and Will Graham though…I think I’ve officially lost my BL license. Tis true.

So Burn Notice is back on…I nearly wet myself seeing Jeffrey Donovan beating the crap out of some nameless Dominican dude in an arranged barroom death match.  Between his beard and his bod, I’m lucky I didn’t explode on the couch.

BURN NOTICE--Episode 702--Pictured:--(Photo by Glenn Watson/USA Network

Sunday nights are again nights where I’m going to be playing Twister with my DVR.  The Killing gave a great debut–but then there’s Falling Skies coming up.  Monday we recorded Defiance in order to watch Glades and Longmire.  Disappointed in Defiance–mainly because they went for tired-ass  girl on girl and gave  us male-homosexuality only when looking for a criminal.  Lame.  Show all relationships in good light and stop being asshats.

And Longmire…where the hell is Mathias?


All this TV watching is strictly-scheduled because I’m on a deadline; I have until the end of September to get 90% of the Femitokon serials written for my editor… which means when I’m not a work, I need to be writing–but TV is the only time I get to chill with my spouse.


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