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A Ship Should Not Go Down Without Its Cumberbitch

Saw Star Trek Into Darkness – the worst part about it? 

The movie theater I saw it in.  >_<

I liked this movie, despite everyone’s bitching about Cumberbatch being unable to play ‘Khan’. He pulled it off because he wasn’t playing ‘Khan’ from the series and second movie.  I thought the scenes between Kirk and Spock were poignant; I heard some crying in the audience during that one scene…I won’t spoil.

It was nice to get away today.  I’d been sidelined last week by an inflamed pancreas (stemming from my abdominal injury the month before!) and I’ve been working at the bank a little more than usual, due to a vacationing teller. The final month of May is going to be more of the same, as another employee goes on vacation.  0_0


I caught the finales of some of my favorite shows (Dr Who was fucking amazing–of course John Hurt is the new Doctor and why not!). I can’t wait for Longmire, Falling Skies and I’m looking forward to new stuff like The Bridge, Low Winter Sun, and The Killing.  I fell in love Defiance and The American’s this year.  I also dug Vikings, can’t wait till the latters’ return.  Under The Dome is also coming this summer, but I’m still so annoyed by the ending of that book, that I’m not sure if I can get into the series.

My revisions for Femitokon are moving right along, fueled by interest from an outside party. I won’t talk about it in detail here until I have more info, but I’m excited and intimidated.  This isn’t comics so I’ve found that my ability to stick to a solid writing and revising schedule, is fleeting.


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