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200 Words Before I Cry

Zelivan Michael Harris (1986-2013) was known to most indy comics readers as ‘Zel Harris’ until Laura Carboni was published with ‘Zel’ in her name and he was forced to fall back on ‘Darkzel’. I first met him back in 2006, he was the only boy to ever be in circle Studio Plug’n Play, because neither Julia (Minako) Styrzga nor Caroline (Kheelan) Monaco, wanted to draw my Inuyasha doujinshi-scripts. ^_^

Zel was a master at anamorphic comics–and his ability to draw from script was top notch. He was a wonderful person, one of the most asexual people I ever met, and yet he graduated from doujinshi to straight up hentai…then to what most consider ‘furry porn’. Disenchanted with comics, he finished college and went on to acquire a teaching position in the South Korean town of Panju.

I was excited because the last time we spoke on FB, he was planning to return to Georgia in August–and he wanted to work with me again. =_=; I worried about him over there, with all the political shit that’s been happening, but to think something like a traffic accident would end such a beautiful and talented young man, it makes me want to cry.


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