In Texas, Summer Starts in May

Long time no blog. 

I’ve been busy writing and working and working and writing. 

I was sidelined by an injury that kept me in bed for a week—I’ve yet to return to the gym but I’m going to try next week. Mag got her braces off and of course she has cavities.  Her cavities combined with Ian’s should really put our good dental coverage to work.   My kiddos are at that phase now where they’re literally two adults living in my house and on my dime.  Maggie gets good grades—but Ian is pushing his luck.  He’s lazy and oft times rude; he’s not reacting well to being forced into the work force this summer.

Summer in Texas starts in May, and this summer = revisions.  I’ll be expected to turn over revised drafts in September/October for Amazonomachy and Femitokon, respectfully.  I’m working with two very different editors (I respect them both a great deal, so I can’t wait.)  I finished the first draft of Amazonomachy.  I’m satisfied with the story so far and my initial revisions revolve around getting the ‘Greek’ out of my place names and the Amazon religion. 

The editor I’m working with on Femitokon has picked my outline dry and returned my first draft with some serious NOTES.  I’ve been asked to reconsider the Femmar origins (‘humans engineered them’ isn’t plausible) and I’ve been asked to bring more fact to my science-fiction by losing the whole ‘Greenland glacier attack’ as the starting point to 21st century apocalypse.  Another suggestion was to lose the whole ‘hibernation’ subplot as the one thing humans can never discover about the Femmar. Editor kindly pointed out that humans in the 23rd century have no means of taking advantage of such information—so why would the Femmar care if they know about it.  Good point.

Research led me to asteroids (where I discovered there’s no logical way an asteroid can knock the Earth off its axis unless it tears a large portion of the Earth away with it—which means NO LIFE survives.  Period.) Here’s a great resource—from a pure-science perspective.  I’ve tailored the origin story of the Femmar and it ties in perfectly with what humans cannot know them (those who have access to my notebook can check out my ideas here).

It’s all slow going but that’s the beauty of no deadlines.


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