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It’s Not a SnogBox!

I’ve spent the last year writing a graphic novel series that I turned into a novel last month.  Starting the first page was the hardest part, and I began it officially at the end of February and finished the first draft in March.  It needs MASSIVE work which I intend to do for the remainder of the year—I’m resisting the urge to begin the second novel – an urge I hope to suppress so I don’t overdoIT!

Walking Dead was amazing—it was just a matter of time until we saw the Gov as he is in the graphic novels—and he finally had his moment.  >_<  It’s about time.  Sadly we never got to see the Andrea we all love in the graphic novels—which sort of bites.  As for Carl—no offense but, if you tell someone to drop their weapon and they still keep trying to ‘hand it to you’, they’re going to lose a knee or a life.  Simple as that.  One doesn’t need to lose touch with their humanity to understand the basics of dual-confrontation on the field.  It’s something they teach up before you’re deployed and it’s a lesson you never forget.  You say drop it, they don’t – take them out.  Simple as that.  What broke my heart was—Carl’s not just a fictional character.  There are places in this world where girls and boys Carl’s age are making the same calls—and there’s no zombie apocalypse in their background.

Doctor Who
It’s the Universe, you twit.

Caught the new ep of Dr. Who.  I love Clara—but then I loved Amy & Rory to.  There’s something about Clara and her chemistry with the Doctor that I can’t resist. As for the 50th Special that everyone is so hype about…could care less about Rose.  Sorry—Eccelseon was the only thing good about those first set of eps.  :/  She never grew on me—even when they intro’d her awesome dad, and brought in Capt. Jack during her run. 

I DVR’d Vikings so I could watch it with my spouse—he’s gone this week and I don’t want to watch without him.  I’m also catching up with Psyche.  (^_^) Still love that show.

I went back to work today and our meeting was ominous; it’s been suggested that I might get a ‘key’ and some ‘codes’ in order to open to close the branch.  =_=; all I asked was that I please be allowed to retain my simple 32 hour a week PT schedule.  I dread the notion of going back to FT because it will kill me creatively.


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