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Passover Pursuits

So what have I been doing while the angel of death cruises over my ‘hood looking for firstborn Egyptian boys to slaughter?

I’ve been writing.  Yep, I said it– writing.

I’m writing a novel called Amazonomachy, and despite having a graphic novel script already written–I’ve hunkered down and prose’d the shit out.  Like a writer is supposed to.  It’s been six days and I’ve written about 62k words–and I’m in the middle.  0_0  Since the Amazons are pure myth and every writer from ancient times to modern has put their own spin on them (making them appear in their stories in order to fall victim to THEIR MALE HEROES) I’ve decided to create a myth of my own, based purely on the lives of the Amazons on the isle of Propontus (doesn’t exist leave Google alone.)

In Amazonomachy, there are three specific Amazonomachiai that tie the series together: the Propontian Civil War, the Deception of Heracles, and the Attack of Athens.

[1] After Artemis and Athena choose opposites sides in the Trojan War, Artemian Queen Mopadia of the North demands Athenaikan Queen Otrera of the South close her lucrative port in order to halt shipments to the Greeks by Scythian traders.  When Otrera refuses religious tensions escalate, forcing Mopadia and her daughter Queen-Protectorate Marpasia, into a confrontation with the daughters of Otrera: the fierce Queen-Protectorate Penthesilea, her twin Glauce, and the cunning Hippolyta the Second.

[2] Fifteen years after their confrontation on the Aiello Plain, Northern Queen-Protectorate Marpasia joins Southern Queen Hippolyta in bringing together their daughters Lampedo and Cleita for the Synoikia Festival.  When their daughters forge a deep friendship, Queen’s Hippolyta and Marpasia consider unifying Propontus, but their plans for a dual monarchy are cut short by the arrival of Greek ships carrying the sons of Zeus: Prince Theseus of Athens, and the legendary Heracles.

[3] The conclusion of Amazonomachy begins ten years after King Theseus barely escaped with his life  fleeing Propontus. An Amazon army led by Queen-Protectorate Lampedo of the North and Queen Cleita of the South invade Athens in order to acquire the whereabouts of Heracles, free their former Queen Antiope, and demand of Athena an explanation as to why their mothers were allowed to die.  The truths they find are more than either young Queen can comprehend, and the voyage home is fraught with political intrigue and private revelation as the Amazons race home to save Propontus from the wrath of Hera.

That’s a the book in a nutshell.  I’m writing about the young ones now–their trials and tribulations with puberty, trust, love, and success.  There’s very few men in the book (just one really) until Heracles and Co arrives for a chapter or two–so for the most part, all marriages, love affairs, crushes, and unrequited sexual and emotional tensions are between women.

It’s new territory for me, so wish me luck.



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