Limited SXSW This Year

Unlike years before, I wont be taking time off from work to attend SXSW this year.  I’m going to a few parties I’ve been invited to, but that’s about it.  As time progresses, I’ve lost touch with the festival–its changed, and so have I.  :/

Some semi-TMI under the cut…don’t worry though, I’ve got Lifelock. ^_^d

My spouse thinks I have too many bank accounts.  I don’t bank where my spouse banks (I also don’t bank where I work); but I have different accounts for different things. 

I have two accounts I never touch – one collects my trust payouts (yes, I PAID taxes this year) as well as various dividends from investments made over time; the other is my children’s combined savings which grows like hair thanks to the current state of rates. 

The most active account is my household account – nothing comes out of this account unless it’s groceries or gas.  It gets $500 every two weeks and I do not go over that amount—ever unless it’s a birthday month and we spend more than we should on eating out.

I have an online-purchases account – nothing goes into that account until someone wants to buy something on the net (it does have a set balance for recurring purchases like Netflix, Dreamhost web, and TX Tolls).  I will not fund this account with more than the base balance until someone is ready to snag something on the net—mainly because I’ve seen the effects of what happens with internet fraud and compromised debit cards; shit like that takes weeks to fix, no thank you.  I did have something bad happen once in terms of a recurring payment: Dreamhost’s computer fucked up and charged everyone on the monthly plan, an entire five years’ worth of internet, in one bill.  It took me weeks to sort out—I ended firing my bank because things got so messed up on their end while Dreamhost did everything they could to make it right.  Presently, my net account cannot be overdrawn on any recurring ACH instigated with my Debit card #, so I’m safe.

I do have a savings account set up for just my LOC payments and my auto loan.  I retain an open LOC for household things (I do not use credit cards!), on that subject…I’ll be tapping into that LOC soon, to replace my 12 year old fence.  It’s a little long in the tooth.  >_> 

Lastly, I have a personal Savings account (I hope everyone has one of these). It’s not loaded with cash, but it’s healthy.

As for my biz, I got two accounts.  My business checking receives all Ingram sales, KDP payments, PubIt payments, and Amazon Associate payments.  Only DMP insists on sending me a check (they’re so rare it’s kind of laughable); this account collects sales from which I pay the artists I’ve worked with, quarterly (roughly three times a year). I ditched my business LOC when I stopped making comics but I still have a business savings (all my share of book sales gets moved here each quarter); I also move money from it when I have annual expenses (digital cataloging and web fees) that are connected to the checking.

See, uncomplicated. I don’t think I’m weird for having so many accounts.


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