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Boyd Crowder Wants a 100K, and a Dairy Queen Franchise…

Just when I think I can’t love Boyd Crowder more…he pops out with that golden nugget.


The History Channel is trying. Vikings was quite good; I actually want to watch next week’s episode.  I’m going to bank that a majority of Americans and a slight less majority of Canadians don’t know enough about Viking history to find the glaring historical inaccuracies that Hirst & Co. are known for—but because he does it so well (Tudors & the Elizabeth films) we forgive him and watch with glee.   It’s hard to beat the The 13th Warrior in terms of American exposure to Vikings and their culture (without the Vikings being the baddies, or Viking training Dragons. The Beowulf films don’t count as they are ridiculous—as does anything made in Hollywood before American schools taught their students about WORLD CULTURE).  I like what I see so far, and I hope the series doesn’t fall apart the way Spartacus has. 

The Bible was a complete fucking mess from start to.. the point where I changed the channel.  I’d forgotten why, as a woman, I dislike the Bible’s take on history…every woman in the Bible is depicted a snide, conniving, nagging, and always causing problems for our uncomplicated and heroic Semetic heroes.  Also?  The Asian angel with the ninja blades cutting down the citizens of Sodom.  Are you serious? I suppose the devout Ameri-Euro types will gobble this series up and love it for its ‘diversity’.  There’s diversity, and then there’s stereotyping.  I took a moments comfort in that every one of these characters were speaking the Queen’s English–I’d hate to think an American cast would even star in this shit…but wait, Hollywood did release the Passion of Mel Gibson.  >_>   It also didn’t escape me that for all their ‘Semetic and Person of Color’ casting, they still ignored what history says Jesus looked like (Paul Giamati with a Jew-Fro) and went for the tried and true Bee Gee’s Jesus.  0_0

You know those Pier One commercials where the items in the store call out the shopper?  I had one of those moments at the Pier One in Georgetown.  I stone owl just sat there, looking at me with those indented eyes of hers saying: I’ve been sitting here since Athena replaced me with a laptop…take me home and give me a perch to stand on

It now sits on my bookshelf:


I’m still addicted to Ripper Street (which depicts female characters 100x better than Copper even tries). I’ve also been staying with Supernatural, despite last week’s ep (the only stinker this season) that featured the Goddess Artemis in love with Prometheus.  For fucks sake, really? As I said, I can deal with the inaccuracy of making Eve into Lilith and Lilith into Eve, but please Supernatural, keep your ill-educated hands off the Greek pantheon.  >_<  I missed the debut ep of Psyche =_=; It’s up against The Americans, and I’m really into that show right now.  Fuck you, USA.  Put Psyche back on Fridays where it belongs.

Best dish this Purim: Perogie Soup:



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