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Seth McFarmhand did not Write Spiderman…

It’s been a busy week; I have the next three days off and I’ll be traveling so…

I met an editor friend for drinks (his choice) and he was able to give me feedback on my novel series Femitokon.  He thinks it’s fresh and original; but the origin story brings the entire series down.  He likes my operative, he loves the single-gender species aspect, he loves the Antarctican angle and the recovering human race thing—but the origin story doesn’t make sense to him, no matter how much belief he tries to suspend.

0__0  I didn’t argue; but there’ll be a serious bible re-write this summer.

I found a collaborator for the Amazonomachy project.  It’s a man, but I’m not going to let that discourage me; his willingness to learn drawing from script and his eagerness to collaborate has my hopes high—I just don’t know if he’s up to the task of handling a “a series” right out of the gate.  His line work looks good and his pencils are clean; they remind me of Julia Styrzga’s work (Minak, remember her? My doujinshi days…) It’s got me excited about sequential storytelling again.

Maggie was part of an art contest thing through the school district (there were many students from different schools that participated), and because freshman had be invited in by the teacher, there were only a few of them with works on the floor.  Maggie managed to get 4 out of 4 for execution and the interview—I was very proud of her.  Naturally she tried to play it off “everybody got medals”…but her girlfriend said “no, some people went home without them”. 

On Sunday, she and I made the trek to East Austin in order to buy her French Class macaroons; damn expensive, but OMG I ate one and it tasted like ‘rose’.  What can I say, I’m easily impressed.  There were only fifteen left in the bakery case, but were behind the typical young fresh-from-college jackass that have turned the once Mexican neighborhood into an enclave of refurbished condo’s with nothing but trendy hipsters.  >_<  Maggie and I are talking about getting the Macs and this chick orders tea, an almond croissant (huge) and then order three macaroons.  I just looked at her like…are you kidding me?  I wanted to say, “You weigh more than I do (no small feat BTW), you don’t need those macaroons.” Adding insult to injury, the chick paid with a Capital One credit card.  >_<  I kept my mouth shut, Maggie doesn’t like confrontation.   I begged the girl behind the counter if she had some in the back for tomorrow, it’s for a classroom presentation—and she did!  We got like 18, took them home and thawed them out.


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