movies, wtf


Okay James Bond…wtf just happened?


Just watched Skyfall.

I’ve noticed the franchise has tried to Bourne-Up it’s brand, and Casino Royale is still remarkable…and this movie was going great…until the whole ridiculous Macau ex-sex slave thing.  Seriously?

Bourne doesn’t need a female victim to be a kick-ass agent, why do you?  Didn’t we spend an entire film on you getting back at the guys that killed the last girl you had feelings for?  >_>  I avoided that one BTW. Not only was the title itself pretentious…

Then I remembered…Bond was written for the boys.

Shame on me.  What was I thinking in that the casting of Daniel Craig was an attempt to lure me, the female viewer, into the taking the franchise seriously enough to spend $8 plus $20 for snacks and a drink.  Thank G*d I didn’t spend serious money on this movie, or I’d have been pissed.


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