Marines, We Are LEAVING!

February 13, 2013

We’re closing today on a real-estate thing, so I’m shackled to the house until the notary shows up to witness us signing the papers.  >_<  I’m also taking Maggie to her first GYN appointment—no exam today, just a consultation before the exam, scheduled at another time.  Either way, I’m stuck here.

My Wednesday revisions and writing have also been shot in the ass (see all of the above) and so I’m forced to sit here and play Railroad Tycoon, until all this other stuff is ready to execute.

I wanted to get my Colonial Marines game this morning and play it—but no such luck.  Despite my misgivings about the game’s publisher (sorry, no female characters in a game based on a film with some of the best written female characters in science fiction?) I still want this game. 

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