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Attack of the Flying Assmonkeys.

When did air travel become an entitlement?  We as a species aren’t meant to fly, and yet we do—burning a metric fuck ton of fossil fuel so that we can traverse our country in hours instead of days.  We can travel the world in months instead of years.  It’s not an entitlement, it’s a privilege (an expensive fucking one at that!).  So I get a bit annoyed when humans start bitching about their consumer rights being violated because some obscure airline (yes, Air Asia X is not domestic!) decides they’re going to do what all airlines should and sequester parents with young children and babies, to one part of the plane.


I have no idea why anyone would take a toddler or baby on an airplane—I barely tolerate the pressure on my sinuses as an adult.  As an airline consumer I can see the rationale behind what this company is doing, and turning it into a race thing (Asians don’t care about their kids?  Fuck you.), I just stopped reading your blog–you’re an ass.

Oy vey…


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