Kindle is Kaput

My Kindle stopped working last night, right in the middle of Supernatural: Bobby Singer’s Guide to Hunting .  0_0  I was a bit annoyed, because Bobby and Rufus just met John Winchester and were trying to take out a house that had developed a malevolent consciousness of its own and killed anything that tried to tear it down.


I can’t complain, I’ve had this thing since 2009 and everything that came with it (back when they didn’t charge extra for a cover and power cord/charger) is still in great shape.  They’re sending me a new one ( a touch screen model) for $74 smackers, plus shipping.

I want to get out today and try to get some photos.  Not sure if I’ll be doing any abandoned homes today–perhaps I might find a Victorian or two.

Update: Found a great abandoned property.


It’s National Chocolate Cake Day…




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