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Hey, WordPress is being Assy.

I guess I’m in the minority in that I hate everything about WordPresses new interface.  😦

I’ve spent most of January with a nasty bronchial infection.  I missed work and was unable to revise as much of my first draft as I’d planned.  Being out with a nasty condition sucks ass, in the worst possible way imaginable.  This is supposed to be a good year, I didn’t need to start it like that!

I’ve abused Linked-In mightily today.  I got me one of those Biz level tiers and added a photo and cleaned up my edu/job history; also added my publications and projects, even though they’ve nothing to do with banking.   To those of you who knew me when…I relax my hair now, don’t judge me!

I very much wanted to hate The Following because I can’t stand James Purefoy–he’ll always be that annoying twit Marc Anthony from Rome.  Just can’t stand him. His presence didn’t ruin the show for me though, I quite enjoyed it.  Will watch next week as well. 


Justified last night turned out to be cool—and the snake handling shit, OMG that was raw.  It was sort of spiffy to see Raylan getting grifted; if a character is too perfect, it’s boring—and man he walked right into that con job. 


Supernatural has gone back to the basics—the brothers Winchester have pushed everyone else out and have only each other to grow old with and any women with an inkling of intelligence that doesn’t wear skin-tight denim or a low cut top, is evil incarnate.  Christ, really?  As much as I love having Castiel back, I don’t like that Naomi is suddenly a sadistic soldier-programmer.  >_>  Come on man, give me a break. Continuing with the televised horror that’s let me down, American Horror Story has lost me.  Thank G*d this is the last episode of the season, because I’d like this season to be over with.  :/   It seems that Murphy/Falchuk are one-trick ponies; Season One was fresh and creepy, and this season started off interesting…but then shit itself some time around Christmas.

On the food front… if you’re from the Northeast then you know what Tastykake is.  I used to have to rely on my readers to front me an occasional package in the mail—but Tastykake has pushed hard into the Texas region, taking the shelf-space in stores that used to belong to Hostess.  Selection is still limited, but hoofah!  I’m just glad to have my occasional Tastykake. 



To those of you who don’t buy these because they’re expensive…are you for real?  They’re not trying to compete with the grocery store, they want you to make a $4 donation to Girl Scouts and in return you get a box of cookies.   Get it?  Oy… 


2 thoughts on “Hey, WordPress is being Assy.”

  1. 1. I hate WordPress’s interface – though I’m glad the regular dashboard, et. al., is intact. I don’t folow you through WordPress but through my Google Reader. I’m tempted to do that with all the more recent blogs I followed. -__-;;;

    2. I’m glad you’re feeling better. People around me at work are dropping like flies, and I nearly got buggered by a fever this past weekend. Managed to fight it off, but it sucked all the same. I’m following a blogger who also had a bronchial infection, and his posts about that were pretty gross. XD I’m glad you decided not to regale us with bodily fluid posts.

    3. Andy got into American Horror Story when the first season came out and gave up midway through the second season. I haven’t picked up on anything new beyond Walking Dead, and even that series is really messing with my interest levels.

    I hope Andrea gets killed off, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    4. I haven’t seen Girl Scouts hawking their goodies around here, but thanks for the heads up! I love their shit, and I swore to myself to stock up on those suckers this year around.

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