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2012: The Year in Review?

Yes, I celebrate New Year’s Eve and Day like everyone else–but I also Rosh…

2012 was a serious downer for me in terms of fiction releases, but I did release one graphic novel – I can officially call myself: retired.

My successes were that I finished the first novel in my feminist sci-fi series Femitokon, (though I haven’t done one revision on it) and started ghost-writing for comic artists–something I never thought in a million years would lead to anything, but shockingly enough works been steady.

Thanks to Kindle and Nook, I’ve been able to garnish sales on my published works without blogging, turfing, marketing, or convention trips–but I did have one new release and it was received well–despite lack of reviews that I’d been able to collect in the past.  Times change, so do people.  I did incur some debt in promoting Games With Me due to some misguided efforts with Goodreads and reviewers I wont bother with again.  Lucky for me the ghost-writing jobs managed to settle up what I spent, so the biz is still in the black.  Another setback towards years end was Amazon’s finger in the ass to those of us who chose the 70% option: they tacked on a delivery charge that for graphic novels amounts to half your download sale.  In essence, they were taking 50% and my artists and I were earning 20%.  I’m the sort that doesn’t check sales until its time to actually pay out royalties–so I didn’t catch it.  >_<  I changed us to the 30% option in order to avoid the DL fee.  :/

My author-ego took a hit this year because I discovered that even moving back to part-time at the bank didn’t motivate me to write & release.  I managed to hammer out a demented short story that I’m pretty proud of–despite its disturbing theme, and saw a resurgence in digital sales for my horror novel Gadarene (thanks to shows like Copper, and taking the book to .99). Those victories are small when compared to my work at the bank–despite my social issue with one particular member of the assigned-management, an issue that almost got me terminated, I emerged as one of the top three tellers in my district for 2012, and landed in the top 25 across the corporate footprint.  *sigh*  It’s not really what I wanted to do for a living–but if you’re good at something, why quit?

I traded in the Mercedes for a Fiat ( I love my FIAT!!), underwent some serious medical stuff that managed to fix me for the better, and I’m going into the new year with a Coolpix L310 and management at the bank who’ve turned out to be EXTREMELY cool and easy to work with.

  It’s going to be a good year–I can feel it.


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