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Who the Hell Put Garlic in This?

The full moon rising last night was very cool—sadly my camera has gone to shit and I’ve got no pics. :/ To all my friends partaking in the Sabbath tommarow night– may your Samhain feast be tasty and may your balefires light your night. Let the wheel turn and another year come…

Speaking of spooky – my horror novel Gadarene (co-authored with the excellent c.b. Potts) is now $.99 on Kindle and $1.99 on the Nook.  It’s an historical supernatural horror set in Five Points New York,  but be warned, there is some eroticism and it’s homesexual.  If you’re turned off by things like that–sorry, but I hope you give the book a chance.  (Print edition is priced differently, not sure if that’s gone down or not.)

November is on hand which means NANOWRIMO. Yes I’m published and yes I’m semi-retired, but I still partake in this thing because it’s a great exercise. Writer-snobs can bash it all they like (and of course their dislike of it stems solely from the fact that some creators tend to publish their 30 day effort—which I never recommend under any circumstances). If you can write a publisher-ready novel in 30 days then you shouldn’t writing—you should be out curing cancer and saving the world, because you’re obviously not a human being.  I can swing a first draft in 30 (and that’s only if I dedicate my entire day to writing all thirty-days); but the revisions alone will take me months (a year with my working schedule!).

 Good luck to everyone giving it a go, and I’ll see you on the other side.

I’m enjoying the fact that three of my favorite shows on TV are horror-centric; Walking Dead, Supernatural, and American Horror Story.  Some of the friends aren’t feeling AHS this year and that’s cool.  I tend to think that mad-houses, exorcisms, and scientific experients, are all aspects of American horror that I enjoy—right up there with the haunted house, ghostly sex, and demon-baby horror that dominated last season.  It is called American Horror Story, and it should incorporate all aspects of what’s shaped our horror throughout the years.  I wonder if next season we’ll get teen slasher plots combined with some old school radioactive monster types?

Closing out on a somewhat negative note: Could the iPod and SKY Vodka commericals be any more annoying?  Can we just have them removed from television?  Please?


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