Are You Still There G*d? It’s Me Tina…

Most of you know me and my love of all things horror. October is a big month here at casa-Crat because the boy’s birthday coincides with me overdoing it on candy, scares, and gory things. November tends to be my downtime (my coworker says that my totem must be a bear, because I do get lethargic pre-winter…I’m also prone to having a sore ass at least once a week). Yet there’s a shadow over my Samhain Sabbath…and it’s called hormones.

Very personal under the cut:

If you’ve been reading my blog this year you know that in June I had some medical things done to rectify the life of crap I’ve endured being born with a few gender anomalies. (That’s about as forthcoming as I’m going to be.) On top of that nonsense, all I have left is an ovary and it’s responding well—a little too well (according to my doc) to my budding daughters reproductive maturity. I never dealt with regular periods (and because of my issues childbirth was a chore because cervix did not dilate) and I missed out on all the period before the period stuff. Now that things have been brought back online – my hormones are behaving ‘normally’ as my doc says.

My ego isn’t really down with being told that my daughter’s cycle is setting the schedule around here–after all, I’m the alpha bear…but now that my brain is on board with accepting my female parts and making them work–the ovary getting the attention has decided it’s going to follow my daughter’s cycle. I do not have periods (no cervix and no womb) but the week before my daughter gets hers I’m afflicted with sore boobs, aching thighs, creative block, and a complete lack of enthusiasm or energy for anything. I snap out of it the minute SHE starts her period.

This is bullshit.

I’m going back to the docs today in order to figure out how we can put a stop to this (other than making Maggie move out). How can I possibly be having premenstrual issues (for the first time) this close to pre-menopause? Pre-Meno BTW is a treat. Hot flashes and dry vagina are the gifts that keep on giving *thumbs up*

OK – enough of that personal body stuff…

At the bank I was excited because we got a new manager and a new LT (she’s so very nice!); unfortunately there’s a district manager person I’ve had issues with and that shit is coming up again.  I made a formal complaint to advocacy this time, because it’s starting to feel personal in that, I no longer feel comfortable in dealing with anything outside my branch–because of how this person is going to interpret me and find something wrong.  >_<

Got paid some back-monies owed to me that came to near $3,000 and my spouse is kinda driving me crazy because he’s ready to spend it…right now.  0_0  We’re not hurting financially (knock wood) but I really want to just bank it and leave it be.  :/  We could use a new dining room table, a new fridge would be nice…NO!  Neither of those things NEEDS to be replaced right now.  Well, maybe the fridge.  It’s over 10 years old.  >_>


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