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Sunday is Not a Day to Rest

::Those emailing with concerns about locked entry:  In a nutshell, someone lifted a plot outline and dialog of mine and changed the characters when writing it for a major pub thinking it was ok because it was fanwork and the company owned the characters I wrote the story around.::  Not talking about it – writer and editor know what they did and if they feel they should, they can contact me.

It’s time to tile the remaining rooms in the house that haven’t been tiled yet.  The weathers finally gone below 90 here and so if it doesn’t get done now, it won’t get done before the winter holidays.  =_=;   Adding insult to injury, my AC adapter went kaput and I had to order a new one.  Using my daughters right now.  *sigh*

Will make some attempt at revisions today – won’t make myself any promises I can’t keep.

Went shopping yesterday in Round Rock and ended up using travel points to score a free hotel room.  We got drunk at the bar and had some great sex–and it didn’t cost that much.

Now that’s date night, bitches.


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