I’m in Texas, Fall Won’t be Here til November.

I’m still writing here and there, but work at the bank has become a demilitarized zone and its killing my creative flow.  I did release Mine To Keep though, but Amazon and were unwilling to let me release it at $0.00 so, I made it available for free, for September.  I hope I get reviews, because that’s the only currency I appreciate for fiction. 

In nutshell, I don’t really get along with the new kid (and I use the word kid because he’s a kid) and after the ambush meeting that was my conduct memo review – I was totally willing to take my punishment for being disrespectful, but his attitude and white-male privilege got the best of me and I snapped.  Won’t happen again.  What disturbs me though is that he embellished a bit, so going forward – I’ll not communicate without witnesses around.  This by no way means I’m blameless–I was critical of the company and some of its management in a private conversation with another employee—he overheard it and reported it.  My bad – but dude, don’t make shit up.  :/ 

I traded in my Mercedes for a Fiat.  I can’t believe I did it, but I wanted something with better gas mileage and I HATE hybrids.  >_<  I test drove a bunch of them and didn’t like it.  The Fiat is adorable, and the leather interiors are bitchin’ (I was a teen in the 80’s, don’t judge me!) There are no knobs anywhere, it’s all voice command and surface buttons.  I feel like I’m a shuttle pilot in the Federation, where’s that Trek uniform I used to have…

I’m trying hard to get into Warehouse 13, mainly because I’ve slight addiction to Bent Spiner, and the character he plays on the show in delicious.  Also, his web series Fresh Hell, is fucking amazing.

Speaking of Texas actors, I got a chance to see a taped rendition of Stoppard’s The Real Thing – holy hell!  Chuck Huber is fucktacular.  Mind you, he’ll always be the voice the Hiei in the fujosi fever dreams, but seeing him as Henry was great.  Phenomenal performance – I hope his career expands beyond the stage—and beyond anime.  The Real Thing was one of the first ‘non-musical’ plays I went to, I was about to enter my freshman year in high school and Jeremy Irons played Henry (I was sooo into him after that).  It was my first foray into just how hypocritical seemingly normal married adults were – I just knew they were flawed, and The Real Thing proved that to me!  I’ve grown up since, so seeing it through the eyes of a forty-something has altered my perception. 

I would link to the promo for it, but I hate stage-play promos as much as I do BOOK promos.  They’re corny and weird and the music is always bad.  >_<

I’ve been watching Copper (right after Hell on Wheels), and didn’t bother with Into the West—despite the fact that the gorgeous Zahn McClarnon’s in it.  Copper I adore, because I’m still in love with that grimy Five Points era at the end of the Civil War (Gadarene, the horror I co-wrote with C.B. Potts is set in post-Civil War Five Points). 

The Manifest Destiny years were always interesting to me, it’s when we invited the downtrodden of Europe to come here and populate our country, then we sent their racist asses across the continent to destroy the native people here already.  :/ 


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