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Revising and Exercise

So I’m well into my second revision on the short, and had to spend an extra 45 minutes at the gym last night, swimming.  I did my usual workout, but it wasn’t enough–mainly because the cardio room was playing that movie where Mat Damon opens a zoo, I don’t go to the gym to get diabetes.  I understand the need for Hollywood to churn out ‘feel good’ family films, but oy gevhalt!  Kids get enough stimulation at home, do they need movies marketed to them?

Speaking of movies, I found out they’re making a Z for Zachariah film, which has me tingling.  It’s YA that isn’t so stupid that it makes you want to hurl (or mock it).  I gave Before Watchmen series a chance (sorry Mr. Moore) and wow…the stories are bad.  😦  The art is spectacular, which leads me to wonder if DC just needed some way to let their fans see their latest crop of talent, without putting them into any current superhero slot and displacing anyone.  The writing is so bad, I can’t even put it into words–not a series I’ll be spending my money on.   New Wonder Woman comes out today, and I don’t think I’ll have time to snag a copy, which will put me two books behind.  >_<  I’m excited to learn, however, that Freddie is back to drawing Batwoman!  (Yes I saw the recent cover with Batgirl Vs Batwoman, sorry dudes, your fantasy cover, not mine. =_=;  I hate it when great characters happen to stupid markets.) Naturally, I’m stoked about Wonder Woman being in Batwoman–but I think Kate should have an Amazon of her own around…not Diana, she belongs in Bruce’s world…just as Cassandra’s in Tim’s world, and Donna was in Dick’s.  Maybe another Amazon?  Artemis would be cool.

Epic and soul crushing words, under the cut:

So the edits for Femitokon are in – and in a nutshell, I need to ditch the textbook-like primer I was to give out for free, and incorporate the information into the narrative.  0_0  This means rewriting everthing so far (almost 77k words/four episodes), which completely deflates my beach ball.   I suppose this is the part where someone says: but Tina, that’s what writing is…  I know.  I’ll be dedicating the months of September-December to breaking down the primer and adding the background info into the narrative of the series.  My plan was to sort of write the eps as if they were light-novels, and use the primer (in the form of a web site, free kindle/nook ap) to give readers established info.  My editors kindly pointed out that this only works for animated/live-action series that’ve been established in another form of media.  Using one peice of lit to sell serial lit isn’t something one can pull off unless they’re an big name already.

I see his point, and if I want their money to produce it, then I need to do what’s asked of me.


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