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Tuesday, and Other Stangers

I’ve had some serious creative ADHD of late. 

While Femitokon is undergoing edits (slower than I’d like); I’ve not had the heart to begin work on Episode Five, mainly because I know how much damn work is involved on editing for Episodes 1 – 4.  While in limbo, though, I’ve started three short stories and one comic series, and two days ago—started writing something that’s hijacked my conscious, and I just can’t shake the scenes building in my head.  All I can do it write them down, and hope that someday I can get back to them and actually create something coherent. *sigh* See what I mean? A part of me is stoked that I’m writing again—but another is bothered by the fact that my creative drive has regressed back to my high school years, when new ideas came in like regular tides–and the drive to write them moved in fits and starts.

Thank G*d I no longer consider writing a career – or I’d be fucked.

The Glades is starting to annoy me – mainly because I lack faith in Longworth to see his new attractive co-worker for what she is…which is the sort of person that is sexually attracted to ‘partners that belong to others’.  The clues are all there, and we’ve all seen these types before—if you’re in your forties like I am, you’ve dated someone like this, at least once. 

First clue was  her lingering around once she found out he was in a long-distance relationship—second tell was that her current LDR is a married man…and yet, she’s still weighing her options?  Dude seriously…you’re not that stupid! The minute you cheat with her or toss Callie aside for the freedome to do it–she’ll move on to Carlos.  Trust me—it’s what turns her on; if not Carlos, some more attractive man who’s “in a relationship”.

I won’t have to worry about catching the season finale of Glades, thanks to the wonderful douchebags at AMC who’ve decided to begin Hell on Wheels that same night.  I’m one of those Cro-Magnon satellite owners that refuse to get DVR, and since A&E no longer shows same-night repeats (not that it would matter that night, because I got to catch Falling Skies and Longmire) I’m still going to miss the finale—until the coming week, hopefully no one will spoil it for me, but fat chance.

I was impressed with Falling Skies last week.  I was worried where they were taking Maggie’s character development, especially since they seemed to indicate early on that she was the victim of sexual assault in Pope’s group (to me, this is such a shitty avenue to take in order to make a strong female character).  There was hope for Maggie though, the fact that she was a cancer survivor—which allowed her to survive dealing with Pope and his dildoes—but when Pope starting nagging her about telling ‘junior’ the truth, I got worried.  If she was a prostitute, I was going to quit watching (I swear I was).  When she came clean about being on drugs and having a child out there somewhere and being in jail…It was redemption.  Thank you, Heather Regnier for not writing the USUAL-CRAP.  Now, can we do something interesting with Ben?  Preferably sexual, because I live vicariously through young characters on television forming relationships with aliens or (gasp) the same gender. *Oh wait, Falling Skies isn’t on the CW, is it?*

Longmire was good last night, touching on issues that affected the reservation and its people—that didn’t involve racism or the government fucking anyone over.  We also got to see more of what Longmire did/or didn’t do, to the guy that killed his wife, in Denver.  I also got to see more of the Matthias character (drool)—I’d seriously love to see him hook up with Vic.

Am officially sick of the allusions by everyone that somehow Vic and Longmire might be an item–or could be.  OMG spare me.  That was the farthest thing from my mind – and what a ridiculously tired trope that is…let’s hook up the hot emotionally frustrated strong woman with the older man/mentor in her life.  Really?  I’m watching you, writers of Longmire. Please don’t go there—I’d rather see Vic hook up with Branch  >_<  Which is revolting in itself.  0_0


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