TV and Who Cares?

I’m amazed at the amount of misogyny in the Kristen Stewart affair coverage.  I used to wonder how much of their relationship existed because the Twilight franchise needed it to exist—now that the show’s coming to an end; it’s time to move on.  This whole line of ‘she cuckholded’ him crap has got to stop. I wouldn’t be shocked if the relationship was over already, and they drew straws to see who’d be the one to end it—likely in their publicists’ office. This isn’t the end of the world for her though, if she had talent—she’ll remain a celebrity, after all Liz Taylor moved on from many a man, and her talent kept her honest.  The real question is? Why is no one judging the 40 something douchebag with a family at home, over his stepping out? Certainly he had others more emotionally invested in his bullshit then Kristen did?

Caught Burn Notice last night and OMG – Nate? Really? My daughter called it when they first announced they were getting rid of a cast-member. I can’t believe they did it, but it makes sense. Michael needed something to lose because Michael always wins (it may take a season or two, but eventually Michael wins). It was hard to watch—and completely unexpected in that, Anson’s death was anti-climactic, overshadowed by the loss of Nate.


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