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Splintering Up July, and Other Hits.

This week’s been touch and go for me, mainly because of staffing issues at the branch.  I’ve been enjoying my time without an official “branch manager” because I’ve been getting away with writing at work (I know that as soon as we get a real manager, my lap-top days at the branch are over.)   I’m on track for making my sales incentive though, despite the fact that the entire region is sucking in terms of teller referrals—so of this, I’m not worried.   Even on my worse behavior, I still do my job, and do it well.

Monday begins the first round of edits on my series Femitokon.  I’ve not touched the series in two months, taking a break in June to publish Games with Me (which looks like might be my final ‘m/m’ graphic novel), but I did complete up to episode three, with ep four ready for writing.  In the downtime before edits begin, I’ve been embroiled in a private contest with four other comic writers (no one famous, sorry) that began on July 1 and ends on July 31; we’re to write a serial comic in Dark-Horse comic format, and see how far we get and which one is the best.  I hope I win, even though I know I won’t get past issue #12 by the 31st~! (^_^)  Been having a blast with it though, feminist action, Amazons, history, myth—so much drama, antiquity, and fun!

As for Games with Me, I’m surprised at how fast and how well the print edition has sold, despite moving no titles with Barnes and Noble.  They pissed me off for the last time and I broke ties with them as a vendor—however, they still sell my books, because Ingram sells my books to them.  Either way, they’re not my problem, anymore.  They’re so willfully dense and stupid, they still have “Roulette Digital Edition’ up for preorder, and there’s no such thing as a ‘Roulette Digital Edition’; they’ve been told this on multiple occasions—but they’re asshats and anyone that shops with them, deserves the service they get. I exhausted my initial print-run supply, and even managed to get my reviewer/friends/winners copies out without too much bank-breaking; it was a tight squeeze because I made the mistake of releasing the book during ‘royalty payout’, so the cash flow for shipping titles was tight.  I had to go the cheap media mail route for pretty much everybody.  0_0.  I do have a book left though, and I never order extras, which means I owe someone a book and I’ve just forgotten who. >_< 

I shipped Lynlsey a bunch, plus postcards, so she could see some copies for herself, and I managed to get some to some friends that have always helped me in the past and deserved it.  I was stymied by the fact that I’ve moved a substantial amount of copies, and digital editions of Volume 2, yet only netted four actual reviewer winners from the contests I help.  Cripes, really?  I was griping to a friend recently about it in a chat forum, and was told that one publisher has two girls with multiple purchaser ID’s on Amazon, so they’re assured at least six to seven positive reviews out the gate.  =_=; A part of me wants to sink that low, and then another part of me wants to “out” that shit and say it sucks.  To each their own, it’s not my scandal.

On the home front, I got my groove back recently, and it’s been great, sadly—my sinus and health issues have been screwing it up for me.  I’m back at the gym regularly though, so I’m hoping my emotional and physical-Librium resets itself.  As for what’s been transpiring in the news—not giving this guy anymore lip service, but I must say, to the media outlets calling this the ‘Dark Knight Rises Tragedy’?  WTF is wrong with you? That’s like calling the Manson Murders the ‘Beatles Helter-Skelter Massacres’.   Idiots.  Speaking of idiots, no—I’ll never vote for Mitt Romney, and if your racism makes you vote for a guy like that, I don’t even want to know you exist.


2 thoughts on “Splintering Up July, and Other Hits.”

  1. Hi! I ordered a copy of the Games with Me Omnibus and I look forward to reading it in two days (Prime membership is a gem!) but also I noticed that started charging sales tax to TX residents as well as other residents from different states. Crap! I hope everything is well with you. Good luck with your project.

  2. Yes they did start charging sales tax. 😦 I had to get a license with the state in order to let them know I’m actually collecting it. Oy. Thanks!

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