Collaborator Wanted: Feminist Comic Series

Looking for a collaborator on a project I plan to submit to Dark Horse.


I’ve been published professionally, and have published myself, so this isn’t a new dance for me—BUT this isn’t erotic-genre or manga work, so if you’re skilled with ‘manga-style’ or ‘drawing yaoi’, then this isn’t a project you might enjoy. Also, not paying up front—looking for a REAL collaborator that can bring something to the table other than the ability to draw from a script (seriously, if I needed just an artist, I’d go hire one—I have no issue with paying artists—done it before and will do it again someday). PLEASE refrain from posting shit like – if you really want an artist, you should pay them. I have paid creators in the past, on projects I know I’ll make the money back on because it’s being developing FOR SALE. :/ I’m just looking for a collaborator – not promising exposure, I don’t need it. I don’t think there’s anything unethical about that.

It involves bronze-age setting, Greek mythology, fighting, blood, lesbianism, and mostly drama between women (yes there are men—but they’re not the main focus of the drama). The submission would require character designs, and the first eight pages of the Issue #1

The project’s an historical action-series (25/27 pages per issue, plan to release every two months), and I’m planning on breaking ground with it in that—it’s not written for men; the Amazon’s won’t be fighting in thongs or boob-shaped armor—they never did. Artist must be able to draw diverse body types (Amazon society did have more than just warriors), be comfortable with battle-field violence (there’s a lot of it), able to draw horses (they’re a HUGE part of Amazon society) and be comfortable with an occasional erotic or violent scene. I include many references, and a detailed script.

This isn’t an official project, so there’s no deadline – I have all the time in the world to wait for a creator who might want to take this on as a collaboration. So if you’re interested in creating an historical action series from a feminist perspective, please email me at tanderson (at) elegantmadness (dot) net


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