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Work and Fiction Woes

I’ve been lax in getting back to emails, responding to journal entries of friends, and conversing on social networks.  Our branch lost our manager in July, so we’ve all had to step up and take on extra responsibilities; for me that means increasing my hours and my workload.  Oddly enough, the young man that’s working as our branch-designee is a fan of my work, and is willing to allow me to remain at a reasonable part-time.  In Texas, part-time means they work you 38 hours week (anything shy of them having to give you FT benefits), and when I transitioned from Full-Time to Part-Time in April, I did so for the Noon to Six shift—this allowed me to get up in the morning as I always do (early) and get some revising and writing done before trucking off to work.   My evenings are spent with the spouse or the gym—so my writing time is set in stone.  For his part, he’s trying not to schedule me early, but before my manager left—she lent out tellers to other branches, which has made up short in staff.  Case in point—one teller called off with stomach flu yesterday and so I was it.  :/

I’m fast so it’s not an issue, but the boy is not, and tends to get flustered when he thinks he’s over his head.  Our nickname for him is Chicken-Little, but we mock with love.

I have to go in at 10 am today because I’m custodian for both ATM machines, and Tuesdays is when the outside ATM needs to be balanced and emptied of deposited checks. I can’t go into some of my other duties today, for privacy reasons, but it’s going to be a busy one.

On the writing, Femitokon isn’t officially contracted yet (so I can’t go into specifics because I don’t want to jinx it) but the project has gone into ‘editing and development’.  Femitokon’s preface material (the primer that goes with the web site and free to digital readers) is currently being edited and 😦  it’s not easy.   I’ve always considered myself a bit of a hot-shot when it came to writing hack, which works if you’re working in script format, but with fiction, you end up feeling like you’re doing it wrong.  The feedback I’m getting is ‘you need to explain this’ ‘you’re moving too fast through the narrative’ ‘you need to convey it more articulately’.  With comics, you succinctly tell the artists what to draw, add dialog, and to the point, explain to the editor what the story is about and how it ends.  Fiction is definitely more complicated.

My first revision meeting is Wednesday (apparently he doesn’t celebrate July 4) so I’ll be going over ordered-edits most the day.


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