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Hating on E.L. James

Seeing a lot of hate for ’50 Shades’ from bloggers/authors/self-made-genre-experts, and the hate is often accompanied by ‘haven’t read it, I won’t pay for fan fiction’Ahem, what?  I haven’t read it, because male-dominant ero-dom ain’t my thang…but I’m not going to hate on it because it started as Fan-Fiction.  >_>  As someone who successfully sold short-story and fan-comics anthologies based on shows I never owned, I got an issue with that ‘I won’t pay for fan-fic’ bullshit, because even comic/manga-doujinshi, is fan fiction.  No matter how you slice it, odds are, you’ve paid to read that shit (or worse, you paid for Japanese editions that your ass couldn’t read).  The snotty-crap leveled at 50 Shades, from certain circles that claim they won’t read it (which is a diss BTW), is ridiculous.  It’s a fanfiction, I won’t pay for fanfiction.  Some of us (AH FUCK IT, I’LL SAY IT) most of us published genre fen, got our start in fan-fiction—it’s how we honed our skills.  The fact that this writer realized the scope of her story extended beyond the boundaries of fan-fic, says something.  She graduated from the same point we did in that she realized ‘hey, I can turn this into an original story and sell it’.  This doesn’t mean no work went into it; editing and likely extensive characterization revisions must’ve been done to better tailor the original characters, and move them away from the established ones they were based on—but the essence of the plot, which sells the story, remains the same.

Writing is work—revising is work; I won’t slam any writer who WORKS and releases anything.  I certainly won’t shit on a writer who dedicates themselves to three volumes of it—I think I know where the hating comes from though, and it’s not cool.  So until those of you published in erotica, m/m, or yaoi, wins the fucking Pulitzer Prize for your work, stop shitting on this author by saying you won’t read it and express an opinion because it’s beneath you, because what you’re really saying is: I won’t support this book because she broke out of fan-fiction, with way more success than I ever did.   ~just sayin.


Today’s grocery day, which means I come home and find all new goodies in the pantry.  Sadly, there won’t be anything exclusively for me—all the junk is chosen by the daughter, as she’s been the one shopping with spouse lately, on grocery day.  >_<

Work at the bank continues to get more annoying with each passing day.  *sigh*

On the published front: Getting at bit antsy about the delivery of books; some folks got their shipments, others haven’t; namely Amazon.  I’d like to think sending a case to an actual bookseller would be top priority.  Not annoying anyone—since it’s only been two days and I can’t spaz-out, it’s unbecoming.  There’s been an awesome increase in book sales for Games volume 1 and Loud Snow.  –however, digital returns have been showing up lately due to ‘phone readers’ unable to read the digital editions on their phones.  Get a reader or an iPad.  😦  Sorry.   It’s sort of out of my hands.


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