Back to Work

Taking a break from the series in order to get this graphic novel out has been cathartic.

In the down time between healing up, two-weeks away from the bank, and waiting to hear back from the printer and batch converting files, I’ve managed to hammer out the outline to Episode Four, complete the second revision of Episode One and the first revision on Episode Two; the additional episodes are clocking in at about 20k/30k words, so I’m still in line with my development goals.  Three is written but I’ve not made time to revise that one, just yet.  I’ve also written two short stories (4k-5k words, very short) and began on another yesterday while I was sitting in the bank.  (Yes, it was that slow).  I got an offer recently that filled me with confidence about my fiction.  I won’t go into details, because I refuse to jump ahead like that, anymore—in case things fall apart.  It was a great offer and they’ve made some suggestions to me that I’ve taken into considering.  One of those is the re-tool of my official site in order to make it iPad friendly.  >_>  It looks goofy to me on my PC, but in Kindle-Fire and iPad, it’s very streamline.

I’ve been reading comics like crazy, Sublime titles on my PC, and since the Digital Manga Guild has releasing some primo titles on the Nook.  Tasty stuff.  My only gripe still is the all-inclusive ‘yaoi manga’ category.  It’s loaded with ‘yaoi fiction’ from one particular publisher, and while I can appreciate that it has four or five images in the fiction and it’s meant for readers of manga—it’s still prose.  STOP CLOGGING UP THE YAOI COMICS CATEGORY, WITH YOUR FICTION.  You know who are, please stop it.  DMP and others clearly mark their illustrated fiction titles as ‘yaoi novel’, and you don’t see them clogging up the comics category.  If your work is good (and by the reviews it seems to be), it’ll cross-sell to comic’s readers on its own.

Watched Season 1 of Homeland in bits and pieces over the weekend.  Her bipolar condition reminds me of my own life.  I refuse to believe I’m bipolar; I think there’s too many people in my age group diagnosed with this–it’s got to be generational, but then that would mean boomers would have to admit they were bad parents.  Heaven forbid–they fucked us up and so we fucked our kids up.  Nah, let’s treat it with meds.

On the work front, I still remain unhappy with the direction the company is taking.  They’re so focused on turning tellers into sales people that our turnover rate has become ridiculous; and they’re still downsizing on the corporate level which makes things hectic for management.  I can’t shake this feeling that the company is experiencing mismanagement in regard to the Austin area, and sadly some branches are going to lose people in trying to cut costs; they’re losing people now over their inane sales requirements.  You can’t get blood from a stone unless you bludgeon your customer?

Need to get off of here and get ready for work.  I’m glad to be back on noon to six, and hitting the gym after.  It’s the routine…I’m a slave to it.


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