This commercial never gets old:

I’ve been writing every free moment I have.  I managed to kick out a rather lackluster first draft on Episode Three.  I might actually pass over it again this week and see what I can flesh out before I officially call it a ‘finished’ first-draft.  Episode Two’s first draft still needs a revision, and Episode One is about ready for a real editor. I think I managed to find one for a reasonable rate, so I hope it pans out.

I have noticed that the more eps I write, the larger my series bible gets.  Wow…

I’m not even going to talk about Laura’s Roulette Kickstarter project.  Honestly, I am deeply thankful for all the wonderful people who pledged and spread the word—you guys are the tops, but you know this!  As for the thousand+ pilot-fish that registered on all of Laura’s free fan art accounts…you guys suck.  You know who you are—oh beggars for more free porn.  If all of you registered followers of her pronz had just donated $5, she’d have made her goal.  >_<  I’m getting nasty, that’s not good.

May 28th is when Games with Me goes to the printers.  I’m a little excited, because it’s been quite a while since I’ve had a chance to get into that story.  I have noticed that sales at Amazon have just stopped for Games with Me Volume One.  I’m wondering if there’s an issue with the format.  I’ve never had sales for a title go to complete ZERO.  I’ve not yet optimized the book for KINDLE Fire because that’s going to be app of the Omnibus, but Volume 2 will release to Amazon Kindle and eManga, as soon as I get around to making the files.  ^_^  You will see the digital formats released before the end of June, I’m not that cruel.

Speaking of June, I have some health issues I need to take care of, and so I’ll be out of the bank for two weeks and likely off the nets for about the same.  I still check email, so if you need me—email me.


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