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Come Here Tina, Let Me Beat You.

Ok.  Logging in today to multiple emails from ‘Gay Comics and Manga’ group at Goodreads telling me that our bookshelf is full of garbage-yaoi that feels like the “heteronomitive theater” was a bit of a jolt.  I created that group so that others could enjoy the genre, but I was never an active presence there.  :/  My bad.

Someone did add a metric fuck-ton of BL that skirted the line between ridiculous and substantial. What was missing?  Actual comics that featured GLBT stories aimed at GLBT readers.  So I destroyed the group– and built a new one:

I do not care what your thoughts on me are, as the group is NOT ME.  If you’re that petty, my heart goes out.  If you love the genre and want to promote books on the new shelf there, or want to talk about your own work or the works of a creator you enjoy, please go for it – but read the rules.

On that note, GGY Meta is also closed.  Took it down today.  You’ll have to get your bara and yaoi-fanthro info somewhere else.  I am semi-retired from the genre thanks to some works that have been very slow to produce, and while I love Games with Me and Roulette, and will stand behind them promoting and selling with all my heart, I am no longer writing new gloBl material.  0_0

To slip into my old-school Crat persona: If you’re not interested in me or my work, get off my street.  Want to learn about bara and BL – then get to googlin;.  I want to enjoy the genre again, as a fan – not as a creator trying to shlep her work.

Time for Lunch.


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