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Working and Writing

I reactivated my Face Book page by request, as well as my Twitter, but you won’t catch me hanging out there unless I have my laptop sitting with me on the couch—or I happen to be dicking around with my phone.

Very disappointed in how some bloggers ignored Laura when she asked for help.  A few I understand completely, after all—we’re not the best of friends by a long shot—but others, that I’ve been friendly with and are still friendly with me?  Wow.  What the hell did her or I do to get that sort of cold-shoulder?  Ah well, if by some miracle Laura can make her money back, and score funds for a toner, then Roulette will release much faster.  If not…it releases when the artwork is finished, and when I have the time and cash to prep the files and aps—so there’s no clear date on that, with no money in place to pay anyone. The middle of May is when Games with Me is set to hit the printers, and I was seriously reconsidering putting out V2 in digital format, but I must, because readers of V1 shouldn’t be cheated just because I’m feeling lazy.  After Roulette though, honestly—no more fucking comics work.  >_<

My son has delegated himself to Saturday school in order to catch up on his failing semester grades.  Sadly, in a small class on his own, he does great.  I’ll be dropping him off on Saturday’s before I go to work; the spouse will pick him up at noon.  My transition to PT begins this week, so from now on my blogging, comics, and writing days will be on Wednesday and Sunday, with work at the bank in between.

I did manage to revise a 1/3 of Chilling Fields, that’s not saying much considering how much more of it there is.  >_< I have found that during the modification process, I’ve been forced to go back to edit the bible to the series.   Simple edits for the most part, but it feels like a productivity-killer, when in essence, it’s not.

I was contacted by an Amazon imprint recently (as Tina Kolesnik), strongly recommending I submit my next title through them, I’m certain this is just a sales pitch of sorts, but either way, my fiction is in no condition to even consider submitting to anyone, at this time.  If anyone else has been contacted and gone through the process of publication with them, shoot me an email and let me know what your thoughts were.  Thanks!

On a completely inappropriate note: I got laid this morning.  FooFah!


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