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Roulette: Kickstarter

I’ve done all I can to help gather support for Laura Carboni and Roulette on Kickstarter.  Her internet access is limited these days due to lack of funds, but she is trying to blog when she can and she did contact bloggers when she could.

Sadly, she’s not getting the signal boost she expected.  😦  I feel that is partially my fault, but I went back to Twitter (which I left last year) and a few other places in the hope that someone will listen and help with getting the word out to support her as she tries to finish Roulette.


Because she will not be getting money from Dramaqueen, and I only have enough money to produce the book – not pay her wages she’s owed for the pages she’s done.


2 thoughts on “Roulette: Kickstarter”

  1. I just boosted the signal over at Twitter, and I’ll do the same at my blog either today or tomorrow. Have you asked Alex Woolfson to help? I know he’s got a massive following.

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