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Wow, Really?

My friend Laura is currently learning the hard way, that net-fans love to LOVE Roulette, so long as its free; and she’s a little disappointed that some of her greatest “fans” won’t even pledge a dollar.  :/  I told her, welcome to small-publishing/yaoi!  LOL!

I did notice that the biggest issue some folks are having is, they think they need to plug in a credit-card to Kickstarter.  That’s not correct.  You must have Amazon Payments, because Kickstarter doesn’t touch anyone’s credit card–it’s already pre-loaded in the Amazon Payments system.  If Roulette doesn’t reach its goal, Kickstarter doesn’t request the pledge, and no money exchanges hands.

If Roulette makes its goal, then Amazon payments is charged the amount you pledged.

I think it’s awesome that someone was cool enough to pledge $100.  That’s really sweet!  Also, the others who’ve pledged enough to get print copies–excellent!  Those who’ve pledged to get digital copies–brilliant!

Those who’ve simple spread the word:  THANK YOU.

Here’s a link to her page

Here’s a link to the first chapter



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