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Work Changes

I made a huge decision yesterday, and it stemmed from something that’s been on my mind for ages.

At the start of the month, after a week vacation from work and no new writing, I was extremely angry with myself—why hadn’t the mood hit me, why didn’t I sit down and do revisions?  I spent that week getting my house in order, and hanging out with my spouse and kids.  I leave every morning at 9am and I don’t get home until 8pm (because of my health, the gym is a mandatory five-day a week thing).  This schedule has been going on for over a year, and when I finally had a week off, I used it to spend time with my family.

I was so pissed at myself about the writing thing though, and lamented my lack of time.  My best times are in the morning, and I tend to get inspired around 9 to noon; I’ve even taken to working on my writing at work—but that’s unprofessional and I don’t want to make a habit of it.  My spouse got sick of my whining and said, why don’t you just go part-time?

Part-time at the bank was never an option, until our manager called us in and spoke to us about the banks goals for the coming year.  Our branch is profitable, but the higher-ups felt that it would be more profitable if we cut Full-time staff.  As if getting rid of the ABM position wasn’t bad enough.  As soon as my manager said this, I saw my chance and took it.  I happily volunteered to go Part-time.  It would mean a loss of paid holidays and only ten hours off my check (in Texas, part time means anything shy of 35 hours), but screw it!  I’d get my noon to six shifts back, and could start writing again!

 I’m waiting on word from my manager, but I think it’s going to be ok.  ^_^


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