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–sadly I have to work in the morning, so it wont be much of a weekend.

My body is killing me.  These workouts are killing me.  0_0  I know, I know, you hear this from me every time I start with a new trainer, but this time I have to stick to it, or I’m in big trouble with my doctor.  :/

Things are shaping up at the bank.  According to my manager, the weekly coaching is coming to an end, which is one of the reasons why I was considering work elsewhere.  We’re losing our ABM, which I think will hurt branch operations throughout the district, but my branch is lucky in that my Manager used to be what was considered “branch operations manager” so she should be able to pick up some of the ABMs chores easily.

You know what I love about Passover being on the way?


That’s right, flavored tootsies come out! 

Caught Justified on Wednesday – wow, Quarles is very fucked up.  I hope they out Deputy Gutterson soon, because I’m tired of homosexuals being pegged (no pun intended) as the psychonaughts on any given series that’s main audience is deemed ‘straight male’.   And OMG – what was up with Dickies hair??!


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