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Off Today

I have one of those rare “weekday off” days today.  Went to my doctor and everything is looking as it should.  Still want to cancel the surgery plan in June, and leaning heavily toward doing so…I have too much going on and just can’t make the time to revise or write anything.  When I do get free time, I just want to spend it doing nothing.  =_=;

Finally read Flashpoint!  Despite my intense dislike of the DC’s reboot, and this being the springboard for that mess, the book was rather good.  The end fell apart for me, and some characters that had brilliant potential in the plot (Aquaman and Wonder Woman) didn’t bloom into anything more than just antagonist-wallpaper.  The premise (done many times in super hero comics) didn’t feel stale here.  I’ll be starting on Batwoman next.

Caught up on episodes of The Killing; I kind of like the show—despite it’s over resonance with Twin Peaks, and will watch season 2.  Can’t say the same for Mad Men – no matter how slick the advertising looks, I can’t stand a show where the men can cheat and lie and be general assholes…and nothing bad happens to them (unless they’re the one gay character on the show), but the minute any of the women cheat, lie, and are general assholes, the get their immediate karma slam.  Sexism of the times aside, I can’t stomach the plot lines and never made it through season 1.

I was elated to finally see Michonne in the The Walking Dead TV series.  Seriously, I was getting worried for a time there.  It seems to me that Daryl (a character native to the show and not in the comics) is the stand-in for the character of Tyreese…so Michonne’s arrival doesn’t bode well for Carol.  I’m also sick of AMC’s pimping Mad Men as something fans of Walking Dead would enjoy.  >_<

The only show I’m missing sorely these days is Spartacus.  I will not rent Starz for just one show, and sadly, Supernatural is my only Friday night show, and that’s been given to weird scheduling of late.  I tend to prefer Supernatural without watching it on the CW, because then you’re treated to inane commercials and promos for crap like Ringer and the countless number of “let’s portray teens as twenty-something’s and give them a show”.

I’m still excited about Prometheus, even though it’s being touted as “no longer a prequel to Alien”.  I still want to check it out.

Well, it’s time for me to shove off and try to do something constructive today…or not.


2 thoughts on “Off Today”

  1. The Walking Dead salvaged itself at the last minute. I was ready to cut ties until Shane was killed off, though I’m still wondering why in heck the writers continued to drag his character along up to that point. I honestly don’t see a purpose to his being around other than to serve as a foil to Rick and – this bit I hate the most – to be a part of a really tedious and pointless love triangle.

    I never read the comic books, but I’ve read up on them. T-Dog isn’t in the graphic novels, which made me wonder about him also being a possible replacement for Tyreese. It’s a little hard to see Daryl (being Daryl) somehow hooking up with Michonne.

  2. “Daryl (being Daryl) somehow hooking up with Michonne.” Oh come on, it’s trope-worthy at this point… the woman of color changes the racists heart, until his family and friends come back to haunt him… In the comics, the relationships et al don’t start until they settle at Woodbury prison. Tyreese and Carol are newly involved when Michonne steps in. I wont spoil it for you, but it doesn’t bode well for Carol. As for T-Dog, I’m still trying to figure out why his character is there. There were so many other better character of color that were actually written well – but the TV series seems to have botched this a bit. 😦

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