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Supposed to be Working

Waiting for the phone guy to arrive.  The kiddos have been sick this week, so today was their first day back to school– ugh, spouse is up north for some company thing, so I’m stuck handling all this crap.  =_=;  Also, Games with Me will not be releasing in April as I had hoped.  At least I was smart enough to contact the tone artist before contacting my printer.  I’m shooting for a summer release, but at this point, I doubt this book will do well at all, considering how many times I’ve delayed the release.  I feel like Dramaqueen.  Ew.  Making things even more exciting is that I failed to secure a table at San Japan, so no conventions for me this year.

Sadly, I must wash my hands of caring about all this, because if I don’t, I wont get anything written on my new series.  :/  Spring break begins next week, as does my vacation, so I’m planning to write Episode Two.  I’m praying for motivation.


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