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Fighting an Infection

Woke up yesterday, and felt like complete shit.  Doctor says it’s a sinus infection; didn’t go to work, instead went to doc and got some antibiotics.  I don’t have time to be sick.   I felt bad about calling off on the last day of the month, but my head and my throat were killing me – I’m still not 100%, but I’m going in today anyway.

My spouse’s brother will be staying with us this weekend – I haven’t seen him in over ten years, wow—I can’t believe we’ve been in Texas that long.  0_0  I’ve been itching to write this horrifically inappropriate short story for over a week now.  It’s another of my ‘colonial’ stories, not exactly a companion to Boy 90, more like its contemporary.

Got some emails about the latest Amazon vs. thing and I must admit, this does not and will not ever, affect me.  Who the hell uses a distributor for their eBooks anyway?  Oh, author’s who’ve never had the full DIY experience when it comes to releasing their work.  Honestly, Amazon is looking to cut out the middle-man, they’re a vendor, it’s well within their rights to do so—but at the same time, I can see that not all authors are ‘publishers’ and so need that middle man…but the middle man should take less of a cut if all they’re doing is converting print to digital (it’s not as costly as shipping books to an actual store) and demanding that amazon charge enough to cover their share, along with the authors take, is really what’s at the crux of this fight.  Author’s trying to make it about Amazon shorting THEM out of sales?  That’s bullshit.  You can cut out your distributor completely and Amazon will give you 70% of whatever price best sells the digital edition (for most established authors that seems to be about $7-9.99).  I can’t feel bad for authors crying about how their “distributor” is being bullied, when all they have to do is take a cut from a lower price that suits their new role in the digital market.  Author’s take should never change, because the same amount of creative equity goes into the product…but a distributor can lessen their take, if they’re no longer paying for the shipping of physical product.

And OMG…Justified is getting good!

Quarles likes to beat up male hustlers, and Raylan likes to beat up Boyd.  I just can’t resist this season, and seriously…use of the word “rentboys”FTW.  LOL!  Boyd must’ve got one hella education in prison, because his capacity for quoting the classics is brilliant.


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